The SZKŁO-LUX company was established in 1962. We specialize in flat glass processing, pictures framing and manufacturing of bathroom and living-room mirrors, backlit, framed and other kinds of mirrors. Our products are available in standard dimensions or created on request of the customer. Being a modern company we offer our products online and with the help of online auctions in Allegro.

We specialize in flat glass processing, pictures framing, bathroom and living-room mirrors in frames and other products. The halogen illuminated mirrors, which are very popular among our clients, have been verified regarding their safety and meeting the standards of the European Union. The notified Institute of Testing and Validation gave our mirrors the following certificates:

Certificate of Conformity CE

Safety Sign Certificate "B"


The basic material used by our company are flat mirrors by AGC, which is one of the biggest glass and mirrors manufacturer in the world. Flat mirrors are made from float glass and are specially coated to be protected against harmful corrosion factors present in the bathroom. We are proud by a wide range of designs, pictures and mirrors frames. We have a lot of experience and we are able to supply the mirrors of the highest quality and to give advice in selecting a specific designs.

We have expanded our offer with safety glass doors, glass partition walls, customized shower cabins and other glass systems.

Our offer is directed to furniture manufacturers, carpentry workshops, shops and individual customers. Our services include:

Plain and irregular grinding of mirrors and glass, thickness up to 19 mm

  • Plain chamfering of glass and mirrors, chamfer up to 45 mm
  • Irregular chamfering of glass and mirrors, chamfer up to 30 mm
  • Sanding of glass (patterns, letters, full surfaces)
  • Drilling
  • Pictures and mirrors framing
  • UV bonding
  • Other types of glass work

Welcome to cooperation. We guarantee high quality, competitive prices and short-term implementation. We have our own car fleet, we offer professional advisory services and assembly.

Best regards

Arkadiusz i Bartłomiej Stysińscy


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